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Instant Download of the Audio track from the DVD

It is important that the sound level is neither too low nor too loud so that you can derive the maximum effect possible from our specially designed sound track. The 61 point relaxation DVD has binaural beats within the sound track to guide you into a state of deep relaxation, like a affirmation the Binaural beats are tones that are produced deep within the music crating a subliminal messages for the cells of the body. They generate specific frequencies that your brain replicates, thereby producing a relaxation and healing effect. This particular sound track combines a guided meditation with the Binaural beats in it that begin in upper beta frequencies. It then slows down every ten minutes until it you have reached a deep state of meditation that promotes healing while you learn how to meditation.

Stages of Meditation the Audio Track Will Target

BETA waves 13 to 30 Hz; the fastest waves, most commonly found during the waking state; associated with outward awareness, engaged mind, arousal, active perception and evaluation of forms of data through the senses; also present with fear, anger, worry, hunger, and surprise.

ALPHA waves 7 to 13 Hz; associated with non-drowsy but relaxed and tranquil states of consciousness; less engagement and arousal, pleasant inner awareness, body/mind integration; present during meditation and states of relaxation.

The sound track on the 61 point DVD is designed to target the last 2 stages of meditation shown below, this is where all the healing takes place.

THETA waves ” 3 to 7 Hz; associated with increased recall, creativity, free-flowing thought, future planning, imagery, visualization, inspiration, and drowsiness; present during dream and REM states.

DELTA waves 1 to 3 Hz; associated with deep dreamless sleep, deep trance states, pituitary release of growth hormone, self-healing; present during deep levels of non-REM sleep.

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Instant Download of the Book
“My Adventures in Lucid Dreaming”


Bored with everyday life? Looking for some excitement? Join Jerimiah Molfese as he ventures into the amazing world of Lucid Dreaming! As a young student, Jerimiah wrote this manuscript to inspire his friends. People of all ages will enjoy Jerimiah’s fresh approach, imagination and youthful enthusiasm. Come along as Jerimiah explores many dimensions of the inner world. On his adventures, he learns to use healing energy to help his grandfather, meets a higher being, and shares the same lucid dream with one of his mentors. Jerimiah shows how anyone can have similar experiences, giving step by step instructions and exercises he developed along the way.

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Instant Download of the Book
“Manifestation Through Spiritual Power”

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Instant Download of the CD
“I am Connected” Affirmations CD

The “I Am Connected” CD is a guided meditation cd that starts by guiding you into a state of deep relaxation by running a healing ball of light through your body. It is important that you allow yourself to become deeply relaxed entering a place that is in between 

wakefulness and dreaming.While in this state your subconscious is more open and ready to accept the affirmations that follow. With practice you can obtain a state of relaxation where the conscious mind will allow the subconscious to absorb the affirmations given in this CD. This technique is called subconscious re-programming which takes a time frame of twenty-one days using the CD every day.

Most people have very little information about how our thoughts and emotions are controlled by our subconscious mind, which is very impressionable. On a daily basis we find that our subconscious is being programmed with fear, creating depression and sickness. It is important that we go out of our way and make it part of our life to re-program our subconscious with love, creating health and happiness.

This CD is not based on subliminal messaging. It is based on using guided meditation to help create a new form of energy within the subconscious that is one with universal love, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, aspiration, inspiration and accomplishment.

By using this CD every day for twenty-one days the energy that is connected with universal love will flood your conscious mind every time you say or think the words I AM CONNECTED. This is a very effective way to resist depression and sickness creating more opportunities for health, happiness and good fortune.

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Free 3 month Membership to Where You Will Receive

Lucid Dreamers Unite: Notification of the upcoming Dreamers Unite Conference.

The Power of Dreams: A 2 hour video with a Step by Step Program in the Art of Dream Yoga

Online Lucid Dreaming Training Course: This training course now has 12 different techniques with personal video instructions on how to become awake in your dreams using Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) and dream yoga techniques. I add Lucid Dreaming classes to this web site with your membership. You will be updated when a new class has been posted.

Members questions and answers blog: Jerimiah will be answering any questions that you might have regarding meditation, dream work, healing and astrology.

Didgeridoo classes: You will get a Free class on how to play the Didgeridoo and how to use Circular Breathing for healing. I add new Didgeridoo classes to this web site and with membership you will be updated when a new class has been posted.

Bonus #6

Instant Download of the Book

” The seventh angel” (Full Color

The seventh angel by Jerimiah Molfese This book was created from real lucid dream experiences. A lucid dream is a state of conscience where a person knows that they are dreaming at the time that the dream is happening then consciously directing the dream. After having hundreds of lucid dreams I was able to compose the Seventh angel, intertwining a bit of fiction with the incredible experience one might encounter when traveling between worlds while lucid dreaming.

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7. Instant Download of the Book ” The Seventh Angel